Yuusou Juuni

This page is for real. Before you go on and read, you should know that we ARE currently working on this project. We still haven't named it, and the story isn't done yet... but we have the intro ready. Shadar is still drawing the story board, Griever is trying to find the right programs to use and ReCreator is learning the new music program, Reason, that he bought for about $400!! Any support in the form of $$$ is accepted with thanks. This is your possibility to be mentioned in the credits!!

The project is now called Yuusou Juuni, which means Majestic 12. And in case you were wondering; no, I, Griever, am not Japanese. We used an online dictionary to translate. Well, below here you'll find some sketches of some of the characters. More will be added soon. And there will be more information about them later on...

The Characters
  • Vincent Cassat
    It's the main character, we think... We're not sure whether to make him bad or good, yet. But he's a loner, not by nature. He wouldn't allow himself friends. And... um... He's favorite weapons are SOCOM .45 and PSG-1.

  • William Constantine
    He's of British descent. And the boss of the organization.

  • Xinh Vy [Last name still unknown]
    Oriental, beautiful and deadly. Uses Wakasashi to kill her victims and enjoys to see that her killings are on the frontpage of a newspaper.

    The Story
    Not ready yet...

    A sketch of Vincent Cassat made by Shadar
    A sketch of Xinh Vy made by Griever
    A sketch of Fuji Watase by Griever
    A sketch of a bad girl with descriptions by Griever

    Inspirations & Thanks

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