Company Info

About us, the crew:
Right now, this company consists of... three persons. We're the ones who established this company. The names are listed in an alphabetical order after our lastnames.

• Erlend Grefsrud a. k. a. 'Shadar' - co-founder, illustrator, level designer, programmer, story writer

• Tommy Nguyen a. k. a. 'Griever' - co-founder, graphics designer, programming, responsible for marketing

• Christoffer Søreide a. k. a. 'ReCreator' - graphics designer, music/sound editor

We need more people! So please contact us if you're interested. Remember to read our policy before you do so. And also remember to write what abilities you may have in your mail to us.

Company policy:
We have all sworn to make games only for the PC. Which means that you will never ever see any of our titles for those machines that you call consoles, like Game Boy Advance, Game Cube, PlayStation2, X-Box, or the like. Don't ever try to persuade us to do otherwise. The consequenses are fatal and inevitable.

We have also all sworn to only make original, quality and bugfree games. This implies that we will never steal or copy a game concept from other game developers. We will run the game through a strict quality-check and every source code will be checked thoroughly at least five times before the administrators check it again. Games that do not pass any of these tests will not be published. We are deeply sorry if the game you were waiting for may not be published.

How to contact us:
You can write us message at our new message board. We will try to answer your message as soon as it pops up in our board. We will not hesitate to reply like some companies do. You, the customer, is our first priority.

How this site was made:
Well, we were sitting in the classroom (Yes, sad isn't it?) doing nothing (Well, we had to listen to the teacher babble but that's considered as doing nothing.) It was a grey day that day. I can still remember the sad sky and the cold rain. When suddenly, one of us (can't really remember who though) decided to make this site. So, after hours of hours of work in front of the PC (and a hell lot of SMS-es), the results are now in front of your eyes.