Why we don't make games for consoles
by Griever

First of all, they're far from advanced like the all-mighty PC! They get out of date too fast. A new console is always around the corner, faster and more powerful. But mainly because they just don't have what it takes to run our games. Consoles wouldn't even be able to perform 1% of the EleTek2 power. We are not bragging about our EleTek2, this is just the pure hard facts. So what does this mean to console-only owners? Simply that you won't be able run our games. Sorry fellas! To all of you that have a PC but haven't been able to play our games yet, follow this "How to be able to play EleTek2-powered games in, err... 14 easy steps":

1. Download the EleTek2 Flash.
2. Run it to flash your BIOS.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Visit our home page again.
5. Click on 'Games'.
6. Choose a game.
7. Put the computer in stand-by mode.
8. Put on your jacket.
9. Get to your nearest games retailer.
10. Buy the game.
11. Get home.
12. Install the game.
13. Enjoy the game.
14. Repeat point 4 through 14.

~End of tutorial~