Elephant Racing

Current status: 1% complete. FMVs, game engine, AI, etc. all under development.

Est. date of release: should be out somewhere between now and never.

  • Incredible life-like bump-mapped elephants.
  • 28 different Indian racetracks, including the Temple of Vishnu and Bombay.
  • Entertaining mini-games like "Step-on-a-mouse".
  • Choose between several different elephant species, each with different strenght, stamina and aerodynamical capabilities. Secret species to unlock including a certain thick-skinned Hindu God.
  • Introducing EleTek2, the groundbreaking 3D engine from Infinity Ltd. capable of rendering accurately modelled trunks and offers tera-pixel-shading for outstanding realism. Full support for all future graphics card.
  • Fantastic recreation of the speed and thrills that make up real elephant racing.
  • Featuring incredible lifelike AI: elephants behave like real elephants and go where THEY want! They'll even take a bath if you're in the lead.
  • Mirror-mode gives immense replay value.
  • Choose between 20 riders, among them Gandho + some secret characters to unlock.
  • Features multiplayer support over MPlayerTM and HeatTM for up to eight elephants.
  • Support for Force Feedback where available.
  • Support for A3D, EAX, THX.
  • Supports future generations of T&L necessary for retractable bodyparts, like trunks.

    None, yet...