EleTek2 - the new revolutionary 3D-engine
developed by Infinity Ltd.

  • Real-time rendering which fully functions whether you have a 286SX 25MHz with 1KB VRAM graphics card an 128KB RAM or a Pentium 4 2GHz with GeForce 3 128 DDR-RAM and 2GB DDR-RAM. You don't have to upgrade your PC ever again!
  • Full support for Tera-Texel-Shading, bilinear/trilinear-mip-mapping, 8-tap anisotropic, bump-mapping, full-scene anti-aliasing, and much much more (after all, we do have a limited web-space only).
  • Full support for DirectX and OpenGL.
  • Burn a CD, run disk defragmenter, scandisk, 3D Studio MAX, Ghost or Photoshop at the same time as you play a EleTek2-powered game without any loss of quality or speed.
  • (Hell, you don't even need a graphics card. Just flash your BIOS with our EleTek2 Flash.)

  • Introducing the TrunkTek deformable mesh technology. This allows models to deform, even change in real-time! Yes, it's true. Of course, this technique is a heavy hit on your computer's performance but you won't have time to worry, since you'll be busy putting out fires on your motherboard due to the trilinear, multitextured volumetric-lightened and bump-mapped textures featured on the TrunkTek modified model-meshes

    EleTek2 is specially developed for VR, and performs very well in racing, first- and third-person games and can even render platform games. In other words, this engine is the 3D render equivilent of a Swiss Army Knife.