The Future of Games
by Shadar

You may have noticed that we are touted as "The Future of Games". But what does this mean? Does it mean that we'll create advanced graphics and rich realistic sounds? Does it mean that we'll make games with rich stories and detailed characters? Does it mean we'll focus on complete immersion? Maybe...

But what it really means is that we'll emphasize what gaming is all about; mainly fun. We'll create greate games with immersive graphics, wondrous sounds and immersive stories, and all the while focusing on GAMEPLAY. And also our games come with a simple install procedure. You simply say where to put the game, and then it installs. That's why our graphics and sound hardware come with expanded EEPROMs contain all necessary drivers and software.

Gaming should be fun, not frustrating. Installing games should be child's play, not a fight for survival. This is what games are all about. Simplicity. Fun. Doing what you want...

We will heed this, and build games fitting everyone. We eill make the PC as simple and enjoyable as (If not better then... -Griever) a Nintendo or a PlayStation.
All this, and even more recolutionizing additions will come from our innovative and fresh development house. More game development, less corporative nonsense. More fun, less frustration. This is why we are... the future of games.