Infinity Ltd. is proud to present...

HammerHead Graphics Card Series

Advanced features:
  • 128 MB of 800MHz RDRAM.
  • 12x AGP bus support.
  • Octo-texel pipeline architecture for hi-speed rendering.
  • EleTek2 on-board rendering device.
  • 640-bit rendering.
  • Tight interaction between RDRAM chips, each with individual heatsink.
  • King-size fan takes heat away from processor.
  • 0.05 micron processing core with over 700 million transistors.
  • Capable of rendering over 5.1 terapixels per second.
  • The only graphics hardware device actually capable of running TrunkTek technology.
  • Fully plug and play! No tedious driver installations and updates. Simply use the AutoTrunk to download the latest drivers and flash them onto the board's EEPROM.

    Comes in three different models. The one presented above is the
    Infinity HammerHead 640 Messiah 128 MB. The other models are
    Infinity HammerHead 640 Seraph 64 MB and
    Infinity HammerHead 640 Cherub 32 MB
    (Performance vary with each model.)