Infinity Ltd. is proud to present...

HayWire Soundcard Series

  • Full A3D, EAX, THX, and MoohTek support.
  • 32 MB of onboard RDRAM
  • 8 digital ports for speaker configuration with up to 16 speakers.
  • Full Dolby Digital Surround support.
  • Integrated AutoTrunk EEPROM nullifies all driver issues.
  • Game-port onboard
  • Up to 12,000 voices simultanously
  • Comes bundled with extensive extensive software packages.

    Another unique feature of all Infinity Ltd. hardware is that all necessary drivers lies in an extended BIOS so that the boards are true plug and play. The AutoTrunk technology allows trouble-free installation and automatic flashing of new drivers directly to the card's native EEPROM.