Spinal Phantasy: The Journey

Current status: 1% complete. FMVs, game engine, AI, etc. all under development.

Est. date of release: should be out somewhere between now and never.

  • This is one of the world's first 4D-game. Yes, now you will also have to watch the time in order to progress... This means that when the Elder says "see you next year" it means that you will go see him in 365 days.
  • Introducing the advanced time-engine that is PinguTime, developed by Infinity Ltd.
  • Pre-rendered characters on detailed 3D real-time backdrops.
  • Slideshow tells the amazing story of love, hate and a magical sushi.
  • Enjoy the incredible experience that is Japanese humour.
  • Enjoy talented voiceacting by three of gaming's finest minds (guess who...)
  • Uses the award winning TrunkTek technology to create deformable terrain.
  • Watch incredible pre-rendered magic effects, with almost real-time coloured lighting.
  • Utilizing Infinity Ltd's award winning EleTek2 engine as seen in Elephant Racing and Mortal Wombat.
  • Improved EleTek2 technology. Now supporting 3DFX!

    None, yet...