Technologies developed by Infinity Ltd.

AlberTek - Infinity's physics engine is based upon Albert Einstein's relativity theory, and the entire engine is a mathematics routine that decyphers E=MC2. This allows for totally realistic physics, and the inclusion relativity! Everything can and will happen. Black holes can manifest themselves out of nowhere. Once again, Infinity Ltd. revolutionizes the gaming industry by creating a physics engine that also allows for INFINITE gamespace! Endless reaches and limitless amounts of planets.

AutoTrunk - A flash routine that flashes drivers into EEPROMs on all Infinity Ltd. hardware. All drivers are flashed automatically so that you never need to worry about updates!

EleTek - Coming soon...

MoohTek - Infinity's very own sound driver. This is 100% compatible with A3D and EAX 1.0 and 2.0. The features of MoohTek are: environmental audio, occlusion, reverb, directional-positional dynamic and ambient sound effects. This remarkable list of features makes MoohTek and its complementary soundcard, HayWire, a must for gamers!

PinguTime - Coming soon...

TrunkTek - Our real-time deformable model-mesh technology. This makes for interesting intruding/extruding effects, and if used with a good particle physics engine, a model hit by a projectile may get realistic injuries and realistic distortion of a model. The TrunkTek also includes a random algorithm for random movement for a whole or part of a model.